Reaching to Educate All Children for Heaven

The Evaluation Process


Administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and students are encouraged to take a personal interest in the school’s overall program. This personal interest encourages a spirit of cooperation which helps to create atmosphere of security, order, mutual respect, and a willingness to accept constructive suggestions.
Students are evaluated based on the quality of their classroom assignments, interactions with their teachers, and teacher-made and commercially-prepared tests such as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Helping students develop their unique physical, mental, and spiritual abilities is of primary importance to the staff. To make it easier to fulfill this goal, the faculty evaluates students both formally and informally. Evaluation is seen as a continuous process that takes into account emotional and physical factors that may affect a child’s performance.
The process for evaluating the teaching staff includes teacher self-evaluation and periodic informal and formal evaluations by the principal and Allegheny East Conference Office of Education superintendents. The evaluation process may make use of techniques such as pre and post observation conferences, classroom observations and other methods appropriate for observing and evaluating classroom teachers. Documentation of these evaluations helps promote professional growth and ensures fair treatment of the staff.



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