Our Mission & Vision




The Calvary Adventist School is a Christian institution dedicated to cultivating leaders for the future by providing the tools necessary to be successful in this life and for eternity.  With the support of  parents, the church, and the community, our students are heaven-bound and equipped to pursue their goals.  Through our collective efforts, we are ensuring that this institution is available to children for years to come.  We are confident with God on our side that the future of Calvary’s school is indeed a bright one!




The mission of the Calvary Adventist School is to educate students in a Christ-centered environment that enhances mind, body, and spirit in preparation for this life and the life to come.  As a school we emphasize academic excellence and practical application of skills designed to lead our students in service to our community.



To serve as the premier educational institute in the Hampton Roads area, offering a holistic development program to prepare our leaders for now and eternity.


CAS Bible Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God’s Holy Word.

I will make it a lamp unto my feet,

A light unto my path,

And will hide its Words in my heart

That I might not sin against God.



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