The Teaching Process



The teaching process is supervised by the principal and Allegheny East Conference Office of Education personnel.  Multi-grade settings allow teachers to structure their  classrooms for optimum learning experiences. The kindergarten through eighth-grade students have regularly scheduled classes in music, physical education, computer instruction, and library.


Enrichment and learning assistance are scheduled to meet the special needs of small groups and individual students. Classrooms are equipped with a least 2 computers to reinforce and enhance learning opportunity. Computer literacy is fostered through available computers in the resource room.

Within each classroom, instruction may take different forms: individualization, small group instruction, and whole group instruction. Our teachers recognize students have different preferred learning styles and make accommodations to meet their various learning styles including the strengths of their multiple intelligences.


The faculty believes the following essentials are fundamental to the total education of our students:

1. An understanding of a loving God and a belief in Christ as their Savior that leads to a personal relationship with Him

2. An integration of faith and learning through an understanding of Biblical values and Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and their impact on everyday living

3. An ability to think and act for themselves that will lead to responsible self-discipline.

4. An opportunity to excel academically and reach their maximum potential intellectually, personally, socially, physically, and spiritually

5. A mastery of the basic skills and academic content required to complete each grade level and to be successful in daily living




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